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Fourr. [30 Jan 2006|09:13pm]

Tell me if you like them or not. It's a really new style I'm using (for me) on these Friends Only Signs.

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More Icons. =) [16 Dec 2005|05:10pm]

More icons. Pictures from foto_decadent. Please credit.

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Moii icons [30 Jan 2006|01:10pm]


I juss made sum new icons but still workin on sum more!! You use it, plz credit. All 96 x 96 px.


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Welcome !! [29 Jan 2006|05:17pm]


Heyy ppl welcome to ccrashmycarr, a new vintage site that has some awsome layouts and icons!! We would love to affiliate with any graphics communities. Me and sarah would like you to credit us when ever you use sum stuff of ours!! ROCK ON LMAO...

         - -  -- o1-buckiee

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Icons, icons! [28 Jan 2006|01:56pm]

A few icons under the lj cut. Please credit! Just a preview. All 96 x 96 px.

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Orignally made by Sarah for her site.

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Welcome!! [28 Jan 2006|12:12pm]

Welcome to ccrashmycarr, a new graphics community. We would love to affiliate with any graphics communities. (no stolen, please.) So please post here. =)


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